Are there really limitations in Magento?

We frequently hear that Magento doesn’t allow this or that because it’s not built that way, putting us in an awkward situation having no solution to meet our clients’ needs.
Let’s say for a few examples:

– Magento does not support high volumes of attribute’s options
– Magento is slow
– Magento cannot use reddis server prior the community edition 1.8
– Magento does not allow to connect to PostgresSQL db
– Magento does not allow to support more than 1M products
– The pictures displayed in a configurable product sheet are the pictures of the configurable product and not the ones of the simple product itself, that is not possible

I’ve always seen these requests solved by a strange usage of the back-office or in the worst case, by a non answer. This is weird 🙂 We are really very far far away from the communication used in the tenders, where, versus another e-commerce technical solution, we highlight the better native support of Magento to the customer client request 🙂

Every time I hear these common sentences I’m quite a bit in trouble: where are these limitations?

– In a README? No.
– In the Magento source code? No.
– In a disclaimer when you download Magento? No.

We’ve all been facing requests to build a specific design for the customer catalog, and we had to customize it. So why not going further and break the e-commerce technical solutions limits, in order to answer all the client’s requirements? Why do we always think that this is the solution which must lead the way we develop ?

What if Magento could be seen as an e-commerce software package rather than a full build in software ?