Magento multistore model: in which default language do I have to describe best my sales catalog?

One of the Magento amazing feature is the ability to manage different stores in different languages: You can administrate many websites to share a common sales catalog in a same Magento host

Magento configuration hierarchy is based upon a cluster of website, stores and store views. The following schema is an exemple of a possible Magento multi store usage: We have two websites; the first one is available in French and English, the second one in Japanese and Chinese

Magento products are initially in a code pool not linked to a website. Linking a product to a website renders it available for sale. But if you share this sales catalog within different languages, it’s interesting to take time to define in which default language you’ll define your catalog, the language for the product code pool / default scope

Take a look at the following example:

  • If you store your catalog in French, you only have to overload description for English store view.
  • If you store your catalog in English, you must make two times the same work for the French stores views

Take care also of your deploying plan: if you plan to open many website for south america, perhaps it could be interesting to set up your catalog in spanish instead of you using your native language: describe a catalog is a long task, and time is money

So you should always use the most used language