Magento VAT rates import files

Little quiz: what is the VAT rate in Spain ?
You don’t know ? If you made last year a sell on your website to a Spanish, you should read this article.

I’m sure that you (French) users have noticed that since the January, 1st, orders amount placed on apple store have really increased.

This is due to the new VAT law: Prior, taxes applied on the order were the taxes of the seller’s country: it was easy: you are French, you apply the French VAT rate on your orders.
But since the January 1st 2015, Websites selling in Europe must review their taxes policies: this is the VAT rate of the billing address that must be applied! You sell in Spain, these orders will have the Spanish vat rate. (21% for those who don’t know the Spain rate)

I won’t discuss here the interest of the law, but I’m really happy to learn all these VAT rules and rates, legacies, and specificities of the European union: a very interesting task 🙂

So I’ve done this job and it was such a pleasure that I think it’s interesting to share with you the result.
The Magento import VAT rules file is available from my github repository.

To fetch them, use the following command line:

git clone

It cover:

  • European VAT rates
  • Some of non European VAT rates
  • French DOM VAT rates

I had no plan last Saturday so I also added the Major US taxes rate

Feel free to contribute: there are still missing rates:

  • Specificities on each US states
  • Some European non VAT rates
  • Middle east VAT rates
  • Asia VAT rates
  • Africa VAT rates

Many thanks to this European directive !

Note for those who think that my account have been hacked: no, this is really me who share some items on git(hub) 🙂